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About Us

Promote Japan provides destinations, organisations, businesses and other stakeholders in Japan’s travel industry with the support they need to develop, grow and sustain inbound tourism. 

Our expert team does this by:
•    Creating and publishing attractive content using our network of 70+ Japan-based associates, our connections in 300+ publications globally and our own web and social platform, Visit2Japan
•    Delivering promotion, development and consultancy services tailored to each client’s specific needs

As experienced and passionate practitioners of tourism, we are committed to helping Japan reach its potential in attracting international travellers.  


We aim for our business to help make a better world.

Being more sustainable in everything we do is vital to the present and future well-being of humanity. That’s why we practice and promote sustainable approaches—for our team, our clients and our business.


Our Network of
70+ Associates

Promote Japan’s strength lies in its network of creatives and consultants who are based in every region of the country. These experts allow us to provide high-quality services to match almost any request. Let Promote Japan find the best person for your needs, so you don’t have to.

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With associates in all areas of Japan, Promote Japan can support tourism stakeholders anywhere in the country, without the need for excessive travel and travel costs.

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In addition to having a deep understanding of their local area, each associate has a specialty in one or more skills, from photography and videography to journalism and SNS influencing.

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Our network comprises associates of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, cultures and languages.
Choose the ideal associate for your goals and audience.

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Promote Japan maintain exceptional standards, working only with experienced, skilled associates with a thorough knowledge of Japan, to deliver high-quality work.

Our Network of

300+ Publications

(Digital & Print)

With connections to more than 300 publications worldwide, covering a wide variety of genres, Promote Japan can get your tourism content to your desired target audience.

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Our network consists of a wide range of newspapers, magazines and web media including many genre-specific and niche publications for specific target markets.

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We have publication partners in nearly 30 countries, with distribution covering every continent. We are strong in key markets: Europe, North America and Australasia.

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We have connections with not only English-language publications, but also titles in other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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Thanks to our team’s combined decades of experience and business relations, we are able to negotiate the most favourable rates with certain publications to offer maximum value.



Promote Japan is the creator of Visit2Japan, a tourism promotion platform comprising a website and social media channels.

Visit2Japan showcases attractive articles, images and videos featuring destinations, attractions, activities, experiences and other travel information, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. All content is written with the international market in mind, with cultural context and other details to ensure all travellers can make the most of their visit to Japan.



All content is created by our talented team of associates, each specialised and experienced in one or more creative areas and deeply knowledgeable
about Japan.



Our writers and social media team create content only from their first-hand, personal experiences, giving readers confidence that what they read is authentic and reliable.



With recommendations, tips and links for more details, our content is highly valuable. It resonates with our audiences, inspiring them to read more and share stories, too.



Our platform gives readers the opportunity to hear directly from tourism stakeholders about their products and services via top-quality sponsored articles, posts and videos.

Our Services


Social Media Management

Our social media management ensures that your content reaches your desired target audience and engages them, boosting engagement and widening reach.

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