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Our Story


A Dream

Promote Japan was born out of a two-part dream: to create inspirational content about Japan tailored to the international visitor and to maximise the potential of Japan-based, Japan-expert creatives to deliver that content.

Though the business was established as recently as 2020, its initial concept was conceived in 2017 when several tourism-related content creators in Japan discussed how they might improve on some common tourism promotion practices.

Tourists' View

The group had seen the needs and interests of international visitors in Japan go unconsidered or overlooked—a clear disadvantage when targeting this market. And they were surprised to see that writers, photographers, videographers and influencers were being brought in from abroad—for mere days—to work on tourism brands and campaigns, despite having little or no in-person knowledge of the country.

The inevitable question, which prompted the formation of Promote Japan, was “How can we make this better?”


Maximising Potential

Our solution is to collaborate with highly skilled foreign experts, resident across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, to promote the country as an international tourist destination. Local foreign experts are not only more knowledgeable about the area they live in but also more passionate, thereby increasing the quality and appeal of English-language marketing materials. Furthermore, by limiting unnecessary travel, the environmental impact of projects is decreased, thereby contributing to the sustainability agenda.

We believe that engaging the right people for each international audience and type of tourism-related project:

- offers great value

- ensures top quality

- provides the best support and guidance on the international market

- delivers experts who are passionate about their local area  

- contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals while reducing costs

- supports the regional revitalization of Japan

Moving forward

At Promote Japan, our passion is showcasing Japan as an international tourism destination. Our priority is providing high-quality products, services and dedicated information platforms to do that—all while acting as a responsible business by caring for local people and the environment.

We hope you’ll support our mission to Promote Japan.  

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