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Case Studies

Examples of Projects we Have Delivered


Article Creation & Publication

Client wanted to promote a destination to readers of renowned global travel magazines

  • Planned what would most attract tourists to the area

  • Identified the best publication to meet the target audience

  • Negotiated a 40% discount on the article placement

  • Matched the best writer with the style of the publication and target audience

  • Matched the best images to the ambiance of the article

  • Created a complementary banner ad to be placed on the publication’s website

  • Managed all correspondence to ensure a smooth process from creation to publication

  • Reviewed and evaluated the success of the article

Familiarisation Trip (FAM Trip)

Client wanted to promote and boost awareness of new activities among tourism industry professionals

  • Planned how to best showcase the clients’ products and services

  • Identified the key targets of the trip

  • Identified the participants to attend the trip

  • Recruited the participants and managed all administration for the trip

  • Created a comprehensive and attractive information pack for the participants

  • Provided language and other support to participants before and during the trip

  • Maximised the potential of the trip and pre-identified any negative issues that may have arisen 

  • Reviewed and evaluated the success of the trip

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Media/Press Trip

Client wanted to promote a destination to various media via a tour of the destination.

  • Identified which members of the press to target

  • Created a structured press release and distributed it through our professional media network

  • Recruited the trip participants and managed all administration for the trip

  • Created a comprehensive and attractive media/information pack for the trip participants

  • Provided language and other support to the members before and during the trip

  • Maximised the potential of the trip and pre-identified any negative issues that may have arisen

  • Liaised with the participants after the trip

  • Reviewed and evaluated the success of the trip through a comprehensive clipping service

Showcase Event

Client wanted to promote their tourism offering

at an international event

​Through our connections in business, tourism, media and government, we created an opportunity for a Prefectural Visitors Bureau to showcase their prefecture at a Rugby World Cup 2019/Rugby Alliance event in Tokyo.

  • Identified the opportunity and liaised with stakeholders to ensure our client’s participation

  • Created marketing material to suit the needs of the event

  • Promoted our client’s presence at the event to encourage visitors to the event

  • Supported the logistics and administration related to the displays at the event

  • Provided human resources to represent our client at the event

  • Evaluated the success of the event

  • Harvested opportunities for future events

SNS Management.jpg

SNS Management

Client sought management and operation of their social media accounts to boost their online presence

  • Reviewed existing SNS platforms and advised on/implemented techniques to maximise their potential

  • Visit the client (a prefecture) annually for content sourcing to better understand what they have to offer

  • Create comprehensive and appealing yearly, monthly and weekly plans geared to the target audience

  • Produce attractive content (text, images, videos, graphics and interactive elements) 

  • Encourage engagement and handle inquiries

  • Closely monitor the performance of posts to ensure continuous growth

  • Create regular reports for the client’s KPIs

Online Promotional Event

Client wanted to promote a local tourism industry to a large audience in a safe way

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not possible to hold in-person events, so the client turned to online options. Our contacts allowed us to open up a regional event to audience members in many parts of the world. 

  • Coordinated with all stakeholders including producers, local prefecture, tourism bureau and industry experts

  • Created event plan; led event preparations and delivery

  • Collated packs for each attendee, which included information, promotional material and the local products

  • Promoted the event and recruited participants in the target audience

  • Carried out all administration including post-event survey

  • Provided technical and presentation support for event panellists 

  • Reviewed and evaluated the success of the event


Tourism Development Project Support (Full Package)

Client requested a full package to help develop and promote a destination

  • Consultation & Project Management: Created a plan of action for a tourism development and promotion project.

  • Workshop & Seminar: Organised a workshop and seminar featuring well-known speakers to increase awareness of the destination among members of the local tourism industry.

  • Translation: Translated various materials related to the project including advertisements, documents, pamphlets and web content.

  • Website Creation: Created a website to promote and share information about the destination

  • Social Media Campaign: Included Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    • Monitor Tour, Media/Influencer Trip, FAM Trip: 

Multiple trips were planned to follow the flow of development. 

First, tourism professionals attended to analyse the destination and its potential. Second, media and influencers came to promote it. Then, inbound travel agents attended to evaluate the potential of the destination for the international market. At the end, the tourism professionals returned to check the progress and give recommendations for moving forward

  • Project Report: Detailed report for the whole project


Client wanted Japanese content to be used to prepare similar content suited to an international audience

  • We are always on standby, ready to receive any content for translation/transcreation

  • Translate/transcreate the content utilising a highly skilled translator

  • Tailor-make the content to the target audience, ensuring it is appealing, informative, appropriate, relevant and easy to understand for someone unfamiliar with Japan or Japanese culture

  • Optimize the content for SEO

  • Edit the content for natural reading

  • Proofread the content for guaranteed high quality

  • Submit the content in a timely manner

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