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Social Media Management

As the number of people using social networking services (SNS) continues to grow exponentially, it’s never been more important to adopt a social media strategy for your brand, product or service.

An effective social media plan and subsequent campaigns can increase awareness of your offering, provide opportunities to learn what your potential customers think, grow your audience and build a community of users acting as your ambassadors.

Whether you want to launch a presence on an SNS platform or improve your current performance, we begin with thorough research to fully understand what you want to achieve and how to make it possible.

From a big-picture strategy and plan to detailed campaigns and individual posts, our goal is to make your SNS accounts informative and appealing. We carefully craft the copy, accompany it with striking visuals (photos, videos and other materials) and pair it with the best hashtags to maximise engagement and reach, all while managing interactions with the audience.


FAM, Media & Monitor Trips

Attracting travel experts, journalists or potential customers to sample your offering is a key step to putting your area, product or service on the map for international visitors. But there’s much more to offering FAM, media and monitor trips than simply inviting people to follow an itinerary. And it’s vital to understand the differences between the types of trip, too.

A FAM (or familiarisation) trip is for industry experts to experience first-hand what you have to offer, whether it’s a work in progress or ready to sell. These specialists might be travel agents, tour operators or tourist guides. A monitor trip, meanwhile, invites potential customers so you can understand how your product or service would be enjoyed and receive feedback on how it could be improved. Finally, as the name suggests, a media trip is for journalists, travel writers, photographers and videographers to gather and capture material for print and digital publications.

At Promote Japan, we identify your top attractions and provide insights and recommendations for the trip, including logistics and management, based on your target audience and goals. Our next step is to find the ideal attendees and determine the trip deliverables. We also support the creation of a pre-departure media kit or information pack as well as evaluations.

With a Promote Japan trip, you’ll gain valuable feedback from the perspective of the international visitor, exposure of your offerings in top publications worldwide and insight on how to polish your product or service to perfection.


Article Creation & Publication

Having your product, service or destination featured in a leading publication, either in print or online, is a boon for any organisation in the international tourism sector. High-quality articles in newspapers, magazines or online platforms provide valuable global exposure and reach. It gives you credibility and can truly influence your audience. According to industry data, roughly 3 in 4 people use a travel publication to plan their next overseas trip, while 4 in 5 say reading about destinations inspires their future travel decisions.  

Make the most of the opportunity by ensuring your targeting and messaging is spot on. Are you working with the most suitable publication for your target audience? Does the article theme suit the readership? Have you considered the publishing schedule in the case of seasonal articles? Do you have sufficient high-quality, impactful images to accompany the text? What format, tone and style will the article take? How will it convey a sense of place? Have you included a call to action and links for more details? And, most important throughout the process, is the content created from the international tourist’s point of view?

Our goal in creating articles for publication is to address all these questions and more. With a core team in Tokyo and other professional writers and photographers based all over Japan, we provide the most appropriate people for each job based on their background, knowledge and experience. The content is therefore always created with the inbound tourist in mind. After writing, our editorial team will liaise with you on photography selection and any editorial changes required, to ensure that the article fits your needs perfectly.

Promote Japan works with more than 200 publications worldwide (both print and web)  including some of the most-read tourism-related magazines and newspapers. From research and planning to writing and photo shooting, we’ve got you covered.


Clinics, Seminars & Events

There is immense value is interacting with people directly, whether it is in-person or online. Depending on the goal, it might be an opportunity to learn, exchange information, showcase your offering, network or gain feedback.

At Promote Japan, we believe in the power of engaging with other people, either physically or virtually. We plan, organise and host clinics on inbound tourism to give our clients insight on how they can improve their offerings or approach. Our experts hail from the fields of marketing, media, content creation, travel and hospitality, allowing us to support our clients’ needs, whatever they may be.

Our seminars bring together numerous local stakeholders to share first-hand experience, create plans and realise solutions to unique local problems. Our team facilitates the process and provides fresh perspectives to help travel, tourism and hospitality organisations better attract international visitors. They are also on hand to answer questions, share good practice and provide feedback.

We also offer events designed to promote your product, service or destination. Whether it is a presentation or a social occasion such as a tasting, we can support the event from scratch to execution, covering planning, marketing, management, hosting, delivery and evaluation. Our diverse team of creatives and managers, coupled with our connections to IT support, presenters and interpreters, will allow your event to run smoothly and successfully.  



At Promote Japan, we believe that translation is not merely rendering one language into another. When translating, it’s essential to consider whether the reader of the target language has all the cultural, historical and social context to understand the meaning of the source language. For example, a Japanese text might refer to the Meiji era, which Japanese readers understand implicitly, but most non-Japanese readers will need a Western date in order to fully understand. In short, we always put ourselves in the shoes of the reader.

Similarly, it’s not always best to replace the words in one language with corresponding words in another language. In tourism we need to inform, excite, engage and inspire, so we may need to convey the same message in more effective ways. And, if the translated text will be used on the web, there is SEO to consider, too. That’s why we always translate or trans-create with headings, key words, format and style in mind to help your website rank higher in search engines.   

Finally, our team’s editing and proofreading will ensure your translation is high quality, making it a joy to read for the English-speaking inbound visitor.


Photography & Videography

With smartphone cameras now capable of producing images and video comparable to those of professional-level cameras, international tourists expect stunning visual media everywhere, from publications and websites to SNS platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. There has never been a greater need for sharp, dynamic images and video in the tourism marketplace, to inspire people to dream of and plan their next holiday. The travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic have only increased people’s desire to gaze on overseas destinations from their own homes, thinking about trips to take once they are able.  

In such an environment, our goal is to make your images and video really pop. We consider visual media quality in terms of focus, lighting, content and point of interest, ensuring that every photo and video we take has the international visitor in mind. After shooting, we continue our work with image enhancement to boost sharpness, dynamic range and framing. Sky replacement, for example, is often needed if an image is taken on an overcast day, resulting in a dull and uninspiring photo.

As Japan is renowned for its distinctive four seasons, it is also important to have a range of destination photos, perhaps even of the same attraction, taken in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It conveys the mood of the place and adds a sense of diversity to what visitors might experience depending on the time of year they visit Japan.

Our talented photographers and videographers strive to capture and convey our clients’ stories from the perspective of the inbound tourist. From planning and shooting to editing and post-production, our goal is to present your products, services or destination in the best light.

Example Packages

A premium package that covers everything. We will help you through the whole tourism development and promotion process. A reliable and effective option to meet your goals.

Premium Package

A premium package that covers everything. We will help you through the whole tourism development and promotion process. A reliable and effective option to meet your goals.

  • Project Consultation

  • Destination Research & Analysis

  • Tourism Workshop & Seminar

  • Media Trip, FAM Trip & Monitor Tour

  • Translation Services

  • Social Media Management

  • Article Creation & Publication

  • Project Report

Promotion Package

This package is aimed at destinations that have already been developed and are looking to get noticed.

  • Media / Influencer Trip

  • Article Creation & Publication

  • Social Media Management

  • Translation Services

Product Development Package

A great option for those just getting started or looking to brush up what they already have. The development package can take your products to the next level.

  • Destination Research & Analysis

  • Tourism Workshop & Seminar

  • Monitor Tour

  • FAM Trip

Trips Package

A balanced package that combines promotion, development, and feedback.

  • Media / Influencer Trip

  • FAM Trip

  • Monitor Tour

  • Questionnaire & Feedback Reports

Value of English-language Promotion

Promote-Japan- small Logo.png
Promote-Japan- small Logo.png


of the Internet is in English

(W3 Techs, Ethnologue, and the United Nations)


of the global population understands English

(The British Council)

Promote-Japan- small Logo.png
Promote-Japan- small Logo.png


million people speak English as their first language

(The British Council)


million people speak English as their second language

(The British Council)

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